Non-Christian Prayer?

Non-Christian Prayer?

Mark D Roberts has a series of posts where he meditates on the National Prayer Breakfast. It may not sound exciting, but he gives a fresh perspective to how we should view prayer.

I would recommend taking some time to read these brief posts and begin thinking how Christians can engage people where they are at without compromising belief in Jesus.

Part of what would make interfaith prayer not okay is if we were asked to check our faith in Christ at the door of the prayer gathering. This would be unacceptable to me. Yet I would argue that if Christians don’t contradict core Christian theology in what they say in interfaith prayer meetings, then praying with non-Christian folk can be a good thing. In fact, it might build important bridges between Christians and people from other religions…[In reference to Acts 17], Praying with non-Christian folk, it seems to me, can be rather like this. It’s a way to affirm the genuineness of their effort and desire to communicate with God, even if they do not think of God in Christian terms.

Table of Contents
Part 1
Praying with Bush and Bono
Part 2
Praying with People Who Aren’t Christians
Part 3
Should Christians Pray with People Who Aren’t Christians?
Part 4
Should Christians Pray with People Who Aren’t Christians? (continued)
Part 5
What Does It Mean to Pray in Jesus’s Name?
Part 6
What Does It Mean to Pray in Jesus’s Name? (continued)
Part 7
Do Christians and Muslims Pray to the Same God?
Part 8
Bono’s Sermon
Note: The rest of this series exists as a stand alone series called: Reflections on the ONE Campaign. The content in this series and that one is identical.
Part 9
Bono’s Sermon: His ONE Point
Part 10
The ONE Campaign: Some Facts, Including Some Surprising Ones
Part 11
Is God on the Side of the Poor?
Part 12
God and the Poor: Biblical Testimonies
Part 13
Reflections on the ONE Campaign
Part 14
Further Reflections on the ONE Campaign
Part 15
A Bit More on the ONE Campaign
Part 16
Why the ONE Campaign is So Important
Part 17
Introducing the EIGHTY Campaign

[HT: Tod Bolsinger]

  • iconoclasm
    Posted at 23:04h, 28 February Reply

    “Praying in the name of Jesus is rather like standing on the set of Designing Women.” That’s how I think of it. haha Seriously though, it made a lot of sense in that context.

    Have you ended poverty yet? I think it would be interesting to discuss the ONE campaign a little bit. Have you done some posts on it?

  • Matthew Wireman
    Posted at 15:08h, 01 March Reply

    I haven’t posted anything about ONE yet but am considering it after I read through Mark Roberts’ posts on it. I was really provoked to think after reading the two on prayer with non-Christians.

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