One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the amount of songs that are played on the radio that celebrate the kingship of Christ over all Creation. I was a little disturbed when I heard a DJ on a Christian radio program say, “This child would one day be our king.” There are two ways to understand this: one right the other flawed.
1) If the DJ meant that for those who place faith in Christ, submitting their life to his lordship, he would then on that day – experientially – be king, then he is right.

2) However, if he meant actually that Christ would some day be crowned king, then he is wrong. You see, the magi rightly asked Herod where the child who was born king of the Jews was. They acknowledged that he was king at his birth, not some later date. He already possessed the crown of life that he would share with those who enter his Kingdom. The problem is that he is king of the universe and men owe their allegiance to him. He is already king, yet he is not experientially acknowledged as such until someone repents of his rebellion.