Cliff’s Notes Version

1978 – Born 1986 – Moved from North Canton, OH to Glasgow, KY 1992 – Graduated from Temple Hill Elementary School 1994 – Converted from atheism to Christianity 1996- Graduated from Barren County High School 1996-2000 – B.A. Psychology with minor in Religious Studies – The University of Louisville 2000-2002 – Campus Crusade for Christ (see also USCM)- La Plata, Argentina 2003 – Married 2003-2005 – The Bethlehem Institute 2005-2007 – M.Div in Biblical & Theological Studies – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary January 2007 – First baby born (girl) January 2008 – PhD in Systematic Theology October 2008 – Second baby born (girl) April 2011 – Third baby born (girl. . .seeing a trend?) 2011-2012 – Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College July 2012 – July 2013  – Church Planting Residency at CrossWay Community Church December 2012 – Received doctorate in Theology and Patristic Studies July 2013 – Fourth baby born (not so fast. . .it’s a boy) Currently – Living the dream and trying to figure out reality!

Slightly Unabridged Version

How does one introduce himself to people he doesn’t meet? I’ll try. My name is Matthew Wireman and I am happily married with little ones in tow. I graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY in the Master of Divinity program May 2007. I then entered the PhD program January 2008 in Systematic Theology and Patristics (receiving my degree December 2012). I wasn’t always a Baptist of the southern persuasion. I was raised by very good parents who had us in the doors of the United Methodist church from childhood (sometimes regularly, with long spurts of non-attendance). I found significance and joy in making good grades and proving my intellect. But for my first two and a half years of high school I struggled with depression and contemplated suicide several times. I made people laugh during the day, but cried myself to sleep in the safety of the four walls of my bedroom – struggling with being a “husky” boy and no girlfriend prospects, I ate the sugary-sweetness of self-pity. My Junior year of high school, a Canadian friend of mine invited me to a “retreat” with his youth group. At that time I was dabbling in eastern mysticism and a self-made smorgasbord religion. Wanting to prove my open-mindedness (and meet girls), I accepted the invitation. From the preaching of the Scripture I was first confronted with my own pitifullness and need of redemption. I had tried to fool people into believing I had my life all together, while I needed to be unmasked in my masquerade of foolishness. I turned to James and said, “I need to change.” My humble attempt at repentance from sin. Evidences in my life of God’s Spirit working in my life to make me more like Christ included my putting a rubberband on my wrist and asking Jerrod and Chad to pull it whenever I cussed. One time stopped that – the pulling of the rubberband, that is. After high school I began dating a girl. We both desired to follow Jesus, but I had made an idol out of her and taking up my cross became secondary to taking her out. We broke up a year later and I got on my knees, thanked God for the relationship and asked him to make me more like his Son. I began sharing my faith and reading my Bible. My Sophomore year of college a man who was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ took me under his wing and walked with me in my understanding of the Christian life. Since then I went to Santa Cruz and Slovakia for the summer with Crusade. After graduation I went to La Plata, Argentina for two to work with Campus Crusade to lay the groundwork for a student movement. Between my first and second year in Argentina, I returned to go to a conference to recruit students to come to La Plata to labor with us. While there I was reacquainted with the gorgeous woman who is now my bride. I returned to Argentina and we corresponded via e-mail and telephone. I went to Raleigh, NC to see about this girl (to see how we gelled). God blessed our time there. We were married the next summer and moved to Minneapolis, MN where I attended The Bethlehem Institute. Two years of theological training and thinking about the church, pushed me to deepen my love for the written Word of God. I started my PhD to further my understanding of the text of Scripture but also with a view to pastor and teach in a church. My  dissertation is titled “The Self-Attestation of Scripture as the Proper Ground for Systematic Theology” with a view to where the authority for my life (and the historic Protestant faith) resides. Everyone must ask the question where his authority resides–self or another. My dissertation was an attempt at clarifying where my (and the Protestant faith) places confidence, the God of the Bible as he has revealed himself. Right now I am trying to figure out what life looks like. I do know that my life will be invested in some way in the planting of churches and establishing those already existing. How those details look, I do not know. Join me on my journey.