I just wanted to write a quick line to ask all you bloggers out there to stop doing this…Please stop apologizing to your ‘readers’ that you have not written anything in a while. They are probably not chomping at the bit to read as much as you are to write. If they are, you should do them the service of making your blog capable of being syndicated. That way if they want to read what you have to say they don’t have to keep checking your blog. They can just get your thoughts when you have time to share them.
Speaking from experience, as I have said ‘I am sorry’ to my (mostly contrived) readers, you will do yourself a service as well when you don’t feel the pressure and weight of writing something. So many times the blogosphere can be merely verbiage. Rather than saying something that will be thoughtful and encouraging, too many times it is just words words words wor…worried bloggers who think that they will be drowned among the sirens of other blogs…found out to be a farce.
Stop apologizing. Start thinking. Sometimes writing.

(BTW, this is not me trying to ease a guilty conscience…Jimbo!!)

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If You Love Me…

You’ll go to this website and vote for my blog.

 Update:  I’m picking up steam. Vote Vote Vote! Yes, you can! No, really, you can I have seen you do it before. Now, now, don’t be so hard on yourself. You can do it. It doesn’t matter what your friends say, or even your pastor. You can do it…Can you?

 Updated Update: My trivial bubble has been burst by the needle of perspective. If you love me, you will just keep visiting my blog. If you want, feel free to vote for me…Oh, and yes, you still can.