Photos of a Temple to Ba'al

While on my trip to the Middle East, we went to Ba’albek, Lebanon. This is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. It is a massive center with three temples: Ba’al (converted to a temple to Jupiter after the Romans took control of the area), Bacchus (Phoenician god of fertility), and Venus. Check out my photos of this site here. Also peruse the other albums as I added more photos to them (since they pertain to those respective subjects). You can also subscribe to my flickr account to see when I update it. I spent a little more time making comments on the photos in hopes that it will help with your study of archaeology and biblical history. For more information go to this site.

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  1. It’s hard to know since the only structure that remains of the Temple of Jerusalem is the western retaining wall. The thing about Ba’albek is the fact that there are three temples in the area, so the mere size of site is overwhelming. Also, I am not sure if the mosque that sits atop the hill in Jerusalem (where the temple used to be) is any indication of the size of the temple. If so, it was smaller (in my estimation). If it is the courtyard around the mosque, then the temple in Jerusalem was much bigger than the temple in Ba’albek. Like I said, it is hard to get conclusive evidence on this since there are no remains. What makes you saddened about it?

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