181832373_c89fdf5613.jpgAt first blush this song seems a little stronger than we would like. In fact, my first reaction was “Hey, we shouldn’t equate love with drugs! That doesn’t sound right.” And then I remembered that this is language from the Bible. Better than flimsy Harlequin romance. We are reminded that love is better than wine. There’s honey underneath our love’s tongue. There is a agrden that deserves exploration. There is grace as we stand naked before each other and feel no shame.

What beauty there is in biblical love…

I have been hearing a song lately that does a great job of defining ‘love’ from the dictionary of our culture. “Take a Look at My Girlfriend” by Gym Class Heroes defines love in terms of infatuation. It dies off after the mystery is gone. You date someone, trampse through their garden and leave. Oh how weeds have overtaken such a view. The fellow in the song speaks about his new girlfriend who is so very special – she has porcelain skin, has her own ringtone, can mesmerize him with inaudible hours on the telephonie. And he makes this stunning remark, “And if that ain’t love, then I don’t know what love is.” That’s right, our world does not know what love is.

It is giggling and arguing and hugging and being sanctified. It is standing before your best friend, naked and unashamed as Adam and EVe were in the Garden. And in such a way this is a foretaste of being known and seen by the glorified Christ when he returns to reign forever in the New Heavens and New Earth. It is being infatuated one day and being flustered the next. It is being speechless because of gratitude and then because you are so upset you don’t know what to say. It is allowing someone into your world long enough that they see clearly that you are a sinner. They see that you are rude, selfish, deceptive, in need of redemption. Oh, God give us a fresh vision for vulnerable commitment.

Remember, may the breasts of your wife satisfy you at all times! The Bible is not a prudish book…When we read it’s pages, we soon realize that we are the prudes. We relaize that we are the ogres who have wriongly defined love and expected a certain kind of ‘love.’ There is unabashed passion in the Scriptures. What a far cry away from those who think that it is a list of don’ts. So much of it is a list of DO. Quit squandering your existence on boring drink and women and fame. What a waste! Quit leaving your dreams of knowing and being known at the door of your sinful sanctuary. Read the Bible and be ravished and embarrassed at your frivolous view of life and love.

kiss me once more, please, before i go
kiss me sweetheart, and i won’t go no more

‘cause i feel a little drunk
like a man who just can’t get enough
and there’s just one thing that can cool my head


like an addict to his fix
so am i to your sweet lips
the wife of my youth, my drug of choice