Off the Wire: Faith that Works started out as a dream and a prayer. An avid podcast listener, Matt started to realize that on the spectrum of podcasts with a spiritual lens, there were either esoteric and hard-to-grasp theologically-driven podcasts that didn’t do the work of showing why theology matters for the everyday stuff of life. And there were spiritually-minded podcasts that filled the space of the power of positive thinking, but without being theologically-driven.

That is to say, there wasn’t a podcast that was bringing theology and practice together. A podcast that would work to answer how and why theology matters.

The task of theology was never intended to merely fill our heads with more information. Whenever we speak about God and his world (that is, “theology”), we will always be driven to have a changed life. An altered way fo being in God’s world. If we do not, then we haven’t finished considering theology!

You see, God is integrally involved in the world he created. He is not distant, but is nearer than the nose on your face.

Off the Wire seeks to show that biblical theology will always have flesh and bone.