Here are three more reasons why every word is profitable…

5) There is also another caution that should be heeded when reading the OT law, census, genealogies. I have read through a Bible reading plan for the past few years and found that my nourishment in the Scriptures waned when I was working through such texts. I toyed around with not reading them at all…but decided that I needed to work through these hard texts because they were in there for a reason. I will say, read the census materials, but meditate on an epistle even longer. This is not a contradiction because you need to know (at least to some degree) whose son David is and whose son Samson is. But, by virtue of progressive revelation, these important concepts are put together by the prophets of the OT, the Gospel accounts, and the epistles.
6) Gems are found in the mundane. It may be a little late for this, but look at the genealogy in 1Chron 4. Tucked away in that is the life of Jabez. If you had decided to skip over the genealogies, then you would have missed it. Maybe you did skip it and missed your chance at a bestseller (bracelets, journals, student study kits, and all!).
7) And yes, I still hold that large portions of Scripture should be read in corporate services – even genealogies. It builds within people patience that pop culture and Best Buy certainly doesn’t foster. It affirms the fact that the Scriptures can and will make you wise. Rather than only reading the “good parts” while blah-blah-blahing the minutia, working through the difficult presses home that we need to be submitted to the Word of God. We should not dictate what is profitable and what deserves out time.