Let me explain very briefly what a presuppositional apologetic is (above you will find a lengthy post of Francis Schaeffer who I admire). The problem with the unbeliever is not that he has his facts wrong, it is that he has his heart wrong. From the beginning of a conversation with him, he has rejected all the “proofs” you can give for God’s existence because he is committed to a worldview opposed to Christianity.

Therefore, the worldview must be shown for the hoax that it is. As a Christian, I believe that Christ is Lord over every detail of life – even debating. What I want to do is pray and ask God to enlighten the mind and ignite the heart. And I want to lovingly show the unbeliever that his worldview cannot hold water when put to the test. {For a quick question reference, go here.}

Cornelius Van Til has explained the apologetic very well and I am becoming more and more convinced of its strength as I learn more about it. Here is a lengthy essay, “My Credo”, but I believe it will be worth your time.

Also, take two hours to listen to this wonderful debate on the existence of God and hear the presuppositional apologetic modeled by Dr. Greg Bahnsen.