Many of you know that I just graduated from Southern Seminary this past May. One of the web sites that seems particularly promising is the website Said At Southern. This blog is a conglomerate of writers who are students or alumni of Southern Seminary. It also has an aggregator of various Southern seminarians.
One of the most promising aspects of this blog is the fact that it gives a more rounded picture of who Southern Baptists are. That is, we are not all big-haired, pot-lucking fundamentalists. Rather, we are made up of young people from different cultures and perspectives of the world. We have a fervency to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ and to challenge the presuppositions found in it.
A few of you have asked if I will do another analysis of Webb’s new album “The Ringing Bell” to follow up on my Mockingbird series. Well, I don’t need to because a series of contributors are analyzing the album. Catch the first installment by Brent Thomas. Put it in your RSS feed and enjoy. Yours truly will be contributing three analyses on the album for this series.