I have found that the reason so many men struggle with their sin for as long and as intensely as they do is due to their proclivity to hide their failure with others. The Samson Society is a step in the right direction. The answer is not harder more probing questions during accountability. The answer is having a true accountability experience. It is harder to lie to someone who is trying to help me when I know they desire to help me–as opposed to some legalistic necessity in us to check off the list that we are being held accountable.

Check out the Samson Society and the video below.

They are going on a weekend tour that I think would be very challenging. I am planning on going to the one in October.


1) Atlanta (March 25-26)

2) Austin/San Antonio (April 8-9),

3) Orlando (April 15-16),

4) Eugene, Oregon (May).

5) Richmond, VA (June)

6) Denver (August)

7) St. Louis (September)

8) Philadelphia (September)

9) Louisville (October)

10) Knoxville (November)