I am not a politically-savvy person. However, I have convictions and vote from those. One of those convictions is to tell the truth and not to slander. I found some very interesting posts today that I think need to be shared. I don’t plan on this being a political site, but I do want to inform of heinous slander and lying when it is this obvious.

1. Michael Moore, director of controversial 9/11, owns a lot of Haliburton stock. A lot! He was the fellow who was on vendetta to vilify Haliburton…Michael Moore owns Haliburton stock! HT:Woodchips

2. Democrats who thought it would have been wise to disarm Iraq’s WMD Program. That’s right, George Bush and the Republicans weren’t the first and only to think we should do so. HT:Powerline

3. a la Powerline: “The fact is that the intelligence agencies’ official consensus estimate expressed a high level of confidence that Saddam possessed both chemical and biological weapons. The U.N. didn’t disagree, contrary to popular assumptions and Hans Blix’s revisionist history. As we have noted here before, the U.N.’s UNMOVIC reports emphasized the large quantities of banned materials for which Iraq had failed to account.”

Just wanted you to know…By the way, I am not saying that there are no lying Republicans, but these are pretty ironic on my levels. As I said, with all the stir that happened as a result of these blasts, I thought it helpful to bring some balance to the charges.

I am reading this article by Greg Koukl at Stand to Reason to get a better understanding of how and where the Kingdom of God intersects the kingdom of man.