’Southern Baptists are a harvest-oriented denomination living in an unseeded generation“ (Dr Chuck Kelley as quoted in Will McRaney, The Art of Personal Evangelism, 174).

Have the SBC focused so much on the harvesting that they have forgotten that the parable speaks of a man going out to the field with seed to sow? Kelley seems to hit this one on the head. It seems that if you keep harvesting, you’re going to eventually mill weeds. What ever happened to the hard work of tilling and sowing. Has it been relegated to our predecessors? Have we forgotten the faith it takes to share the Gospel and not see fruit so that those who come after us can harvest? More than this, has the evangelical movement put so much emphasis on numbers that we have forgotten that people are the object of our affections? We speak of ”winning people to Christ;“ have people become nothing more than trophies on the shelf of pride? As they collect dust, have we prayed for them that might receive the Word and multiply their lives…or have we been content with their dust?