One of the things I love about the blogosphere is the interconnectedness of information. One of my friends from The Bethlehem Institute, David Griffiths, has summarized an article I have been meaning to for weeks. Paul Wegner wrote an article for the latest JETS on spanking. As many of you know I had a series of posts on this past October (links below) and want to continue to tweak my understanding. In the mean time check out David’s On Spanking: Quotes and Comments.

Before you go there, though, I want to make a couple comments: Levels one and two should be switched…Information should be imparted before it is encouraged. Also, I did not understand what Wegner was saying from Dave’s summary until I supplied a definition of “physical harm”. I think, in order for the stages to work effectively that Wegner is saying that “physical harm” means lasting physical impairment (i.e. cutting off a hand). Does this make sense in light of the eight stages?

I enjoyed this quote from the article: “”The purpose of discipline is remedial with the hope of saving the child’s life from an early demise due to rebellion.” So many times people think of discipline as only spanking and as negative. I am thankful for Wegner’s showing that nurture and admonition are more than spanking…Even when it comes to corporal punishment, the quote above must be remembered.

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