Giotto - The EpiphanyYesterday was what the church has celebrated as The Epiphany. Did you know that? Neither did I.

I have found that in an effort for genuine piety, us evangelicals have famished ourselves from the richness of years of tradition. I am starting to re-discover some of the old ways as a means to grow in my personal devotion.

Yesterday was the day the church has celebrated when the Magi visited the Christ in Bethlehem. It is also referred to as The Theophany (“The Appearance of God”). Why is it significant? This is the day we can celebrate that God revealed himself in humble glory to Gentiles. For generations us Gentiles were on the outside looking in. But on this day, we can celebrate the opening of Glory to our occult eyes.

This is the magnificent truth that Paul understood as he relished the opening of the door to the Gentiles in the book of Acts. But it is from the outset of Christ’s Advent that we can celebrate the global purposes of God in choosing not just to reveal himself to Israel, but also to the Gentiles.

What is more, The Epiphany is a foretaste of the Day when kings from all four corners of the earth will lay their socio-political powers at the feet of the bloodied Lamb of God. We hasten that Day and know that gold, frankincense, and myrrh are a deposit to the future glory when all treasures of the earth will be placed at the Servant King’s footstool.

Here’s a great place to start your understanding. . .even if you’re a day late!