The Funniest Podcast I Have Seen To Date

My friends Rhett & Link (see “friends” link on left bar) have a podcast that never has ceased to get me laughing…hard! This foto you see here is from their debate depicted as a caribou and flower as to whether one should use a debit/credit card vs. cash. You can subscribe to their podcast here and visit their web site here . Tell ‘em Wireman sent ya.

To see Dr Mohler take on Rhett in a battle of wits (“Go Fish,” “Tic-Tac-Toe,” and “Hangman”) go here. This could easily have been a separate post on why I love my school. It is a gift from God to have a man of Dr Mohler’s caliber act silly for a laugh. May God grant more of us the humility that is displayed in these acts of humor…

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  1. These guys are awesome. How do you know them. My wife and I both were dying watching Pimp the Stroller. We have four kids and all of our strollers need some pimping.

    Thanks for the link.

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