My friends Rhett & Link (see “friends” link on left bar) have a podcast that never has ceased to get me laughing…hard! This foto you see here is from their debate depicted as a caribou and flower as to whether one should use a debit/credit card vs. cash. You can subscribe to their podcast here and visit their web site here . Tell ‘em Wireman sent ya.

To see Dr Mohler take on Rhett in a battle of wits (“Go Fish,” “Tic-Tac-Toe,” and “Hangman”) go here. This could easily have been a separate post on why I love my school. It is a gift from God to have a man of Dr Mohler’s caliber act silly for a laugh. May God grant more of us the humility that is displayed in these acts of humor…

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Reason #465 Why Flannel Board is Better

Looks like this camel was leading a little too far westward.

Imagining Sniper Fire

I got a good chuckle out of this today. Gene Veith shares a video where Sen. Clinton’s claims to having been fired at by snipers while on a visit to Bosnia. CBS provides the rest of the true story. A great statement on the news footage says that it calls into question whether all the experience Sen. Clinton has been claiming to have over Obama is mostly imagined: 

If You Love Me…

You’ll go to this website and vote for my blog.

 Update:  I’m picking up steam. Vote Vote Vote! Yes, you can! No, really, you can I have seen you do it before. Now, now, don’t be so hard on yourself. You can do it. It doesn’t matter what your friends say, or even your pastor. You can do it…Can you?

 Updated Update: My trivial bubble has been burst by the needle of perspective. If you love me, you will just keep visiting my blog. If you want, feel free to vote for me…Oh, and yes, you still can.