This may seem like it is impossible – especially in light of our culture which glorifies largeness and excess. But it seems that the fact that folks are the members of an elite club that they glory in something other than the Gospel.

The tendency can fester unseen for years, or even generations. That is, congregations can take pride from the size of their congregation. They can set up their barracks against others who claim the name of Christ, claiming that they are the guardians of orthodoxy.

What is more, congregations can take pride int eh fact that they have ‘true’ fellowship because anonymity is not possible. They can be puffed up by the fact that they don’t take pride in the largeness of their congregation. Weird, huh? The human heart is a twisted idol factory. While it is a good thing to know and be known at your fellowship, it is better to be grateful than to think that you are the most faithful to the Scriptures due to your high walls of membership.