Kevin Belmonte offers all readers a treasure of gold bits from Chesterton’s chest. Alphabetized by topics ranging from “Academia” to “Zola, Emile.” Belmonte confesses that his desire in his book was to be comparable to Tyndale’s The Quotable C.S. Lewis–offering snapshots and pithy statements that boil Chesterton to essentials of his contributions.

I would recommend Belmonte’s monograph as a way to stoke humor in your heart and tickle your brain cells. Chesterton is a master of language and turn of phrase.

What I appreciated the most was the thoroughness of the quotations. Rather than various subjects extraneous to Chesterton organizing the quotations, Belmonte lets Chesterton organize his own thoughts.

It would be helpful to get a biography on Chesterton to read prior to so that you can get context for some of his irony and double entendre.

This brief review was done in cohort with the BookSneeze program.