There never was a day when you did not cry

Yeah, deep down inside.

Underneath the laughter and sarcasm and glances,

You’d find your soul weeping and thrashing about

Looking deep down inside

Looking for hope and meaning and purpose

When everything. Everyone around you said there wasn’t.

And you came to believe them.

There was no future.



But now. Now you see that today is your future.

For today was tomorrow. And yet, here you are.

Standing smack dab in the middle of it all.

Head swirling. Soul teeming with


That you didn’t live yesterday in light of today.

You twittered it away longing for your status to be liked.

And silence.

A thumb to the eye.


No. There never was a day you found solace and contentment because you failed to stare the now in the face and say “Thank you.”


Today you have the moment to live in the future. To pour it out and spend it all for tomorrow will be today.

And today will only matter in light of today that is yet to be.

Don’t waste this moment. Don’t wish away this moment.

Right now is your siren call to live.

To a life of purpose. But it comes tomorrow.

Stop whining and wishing. Take up your mantle–whatever it may be–and wave it like a banner

Declaring who you are and that you have come to live.


For there never was a day that did not matter.

There never was a day that compared to today.