Tomorrow is the Day We Kick It Up a Notch


Tomorrow we will enter into the crazy portion of the FatKicker Program. We will start our 40-44 hour fast. No calories. And, please, no diet sodas or 0 calorie food. Chemicals do not have calories, but they are still ingested into your system. And who knows what that is doing to you? Really, a question. Do you know what it does to you? If you have found some good research on this, please put in the comments.

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Bullets from the video:

1. Make a gallon of tea tonight. I make blueberry flavored green tea.

2. Buy some Glutamine.

3. Keep moving. Don’t give in to being sedentary. Just go on an easy walk.

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  1. Matt,
    Two questions. In the booklet, he says drink diet soda, coffee, anything you want with no calories. Why are you trying to burden us with a yolk that our teach could no even bear?

    Second, more serious question from booklet–did you find yourself sleeping less? I’m just finishing my first 44 hour fast, and I slept great last night.

    1. Your teacher allowed you to drink sodas because of your hardness of heart. But this is not the way it was meant in the beginning.

      I found my sleep was not affected as much as Matt talked about. Maybe it’s because I kept working out and was wiped out by night’s end.

  2. I cheated and started a week early because I knew I was going on a short vacation. My first fast was alright but this second go around I’m finding it a bit harder to resist food. However, loosing 5 lbs in my first few days makes this worth it. I had went to the doctor today and they also recommended the glutamine. Thanks for the tips Matt!

      1. I must not get updates on replies… Anyway, the first fast went great! When I felt the hunger I downed a big glass of water or un-sweet tea. I would also pray for someone when I felt the pangs that way I would not focus on food and felt I was using my time well.

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      1. I’ve been fine. Certainly hungry when done with workout but been good. My real challenge will come next week-going to T4G

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