The other day I took my youngest daughter to the local ice cream parlor to get a cookie and a coffee and listen to the jukebox. As she danced around the shop to the sound of the The Platters, I suddenly became overwhelmed with a sense of joy and gratitude to God for this indescribable gift he has entrusted to my care. As she buried her face in her dog-shaped cookie and Dixie cup of water, I looked her right in the eyes and with an investment of my entire soul said, “I love you so much” (figuring the “so much” added even more emphasis to how I felt about her at that moment). I waited for her reply. And I waited. And I waited…Surely, she was just conjuring up the words to reciprocate the overwhelming sense of joy and love I brought her.

She looked up at me, with icing circling her lips, and smiled. No words. Just a smile.

I began to think of the overwhelming joy God the Father has when he looks at his children. I could have listed off a litany of reasons to my sweet daughter, but chose to merely say “I love you…so much.”

Isn’t that astonishing. With infinite vocabulary at his command in every language imaginable, God the Father chose to merely smile at me. Have you ever s-l-o-w-e-d down long enough to consider that he is smiling at you right now. What is he using to communicate his love to you? Perhaps it’s the screaming kids that you just want to be quiet–they are screaming to let you know that he is smiling on you. Perhaps it’s the job that you have had for the last five years that you have struggled to go to because you don’t see the purpose in the monotony–yet it has provided money for you and your family; you have not gone hungry because of the monotonous, ever reliable smile. Perhaps it’s the uncertainty of tomorrow. You are not sure how to interpret the ambiguous smile of tomorrow; yet he continues to smile on you as you learn to trust in his words he has already spoken.

Don’t be underwhelmed by the lack of verbiage you hear from the Almighty today. Be overwhelmed by his simplicity. Sure, he could communicate with you for infinity…instead, he chooses to smile.