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  1. What do you like about it?

    I am not sure where I stand on it. It seems like voyeurism and I am not sure that it does any kind of healing for the person letting the secret out.


  2. If you read some of the e-mails that they recieve and post you’ll see that a lot of people say that it is healing and encouraging for them.

  3. Just to let it out, get it off your soul; I think that would be quite comforting. I like to see the honest struggles of my fellow human beings. The achievments, the let-downs, the first dates, the break-ups; I think it’s all great to see humanity in this light, a post-secret.

  4. Thanks ian and,

    I think those are great points! There is some intricate tie between letting it out and healing that happens. I have met plenty of people who have kept their anger and fears bottled up and they deteriorate (spiritually, emotionally, and physically).

    As for the viewing, it is comforting to know that we are human and others struggle with much of what we struggle with.

    I think it is an interesting, and sad in some respects, the way the internet has allowed people to not have to have intimate community. That is, I can confess something and no one knows that I am struggling with depression, etc. One of the most comforting things for me is knowing that I have five or six guys in my life I can go to and tell them what I am struggling with. As for confession, something is also lost when you don’t swallow your pride and go to the person asking for forgiveess.

    I will say this, it could be a very good outlet (especially if it is your secret) to be able to get it out without substantive consequences. There are so many emotions pent up inside the human heart and crushes happen and then they subside. It might be good to let it out and (when you are over the crush) there is no embarassment.

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