I have been reading some of the news regarding Abdul Rahman’s plight in Afghanistan and a myriad of thoughts move through my head:

Even if Rahman is released clerics are calling on people to “pull him into pieces” . Say he is released. This does not nullify the fact that the majority of the Muslim people think he should have been executed. This is a man who changes his convictions. What does this say of the Muslim religion? It has been made quite clear that there is a clear distinction between the Muslim value system and that of the West. Even more is there a chasm between Islam and Christianity.
        Some might say that Christians are no better. After all the Crusades were sanctioned with the ad extra panta of Pope Urban II. HOWEVER, the Crusades and other atrocities promulgated under the banner “Christian” are diametrically opposed to Christianity. Men hungry for power and money superseded the teachings of Christ.
        Not so with the Muslim faith. It is being made clearer and clearer that Islam is a repressive religion that seeks to exterminate anyone who disagrees. And I would say that many people are not saying this because they are scared that they will be killed by some radical Muslims. It is clear that this is the mindset of most Muslims. Indeed, it is taught in the Koran. Why won’t more people say something? Because fear has crept in and the truth has been compromised.

One of the main problems is that Muslim equate the West with Christianity. They believe that everyone in the United States is a Christian and in need of conversion to Islam. Movies, music, and television shows from the West cause one to think that Christianity is a religion of license. Oh how I wish there would be a clear witness to the beauty of the Gospel to Muslims! I wish that there would be an open ear to the truth of Jesus.
        What is interesting is that the articles continue to portray the Afghan people as feeling that the West is forcing its morals (licentious freedom?) on them. The West is seen as the bully…In some ways it is. However, putting a man to death for his conversion will not prove to the bully that he can’t pull one over on the people.
        If they really wanted to get under the West’s skin, they would open up dialogues and debate with those of other ideologies rather than kill them. Truth would prevail. But could it be that the only way to get people to believe in the Muslim faith is by coercion?

I believe that God is fueling the flames of these things in order to show the major differences between Islam and Christianity. Rahman and so many other Christians in history refused to deny Christ – choosing rather to be pulled to pieces than deny the Savior of their lives. And so it must continue…the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.
The non-Christian is left to ask: What am I so convinced about that I would die for? Why will these people be willing to die for their faith?

And so we end with the Psalmists words:

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you! (Psa 63.3)

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