Who is Don Piper?

ECPA just confirmed their list of the 50 best-selling authors in evangelicalism. I look at the list and am thankful for men like Randy Alcorn, Lee Strobel, and John MacArthur. The rest I feel a little uneasy about – at least the names I recognize! One question, who is Don Piper??


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  1. he wrote 90 minutes (was it 90?) in heaven? i’ve heard several people talking about it. in fact, read something about just recently by someone more well known, but have completely forgotten who/where.

  2. His books changed my life everyone should read them Igave my copy to someone I just meet that has cancer and only a few weeks to live.

  3. this was such a wonderful book. It really changed my life. If anyone gets a chance you need to read it! It is a really inspiring story. Good Job Don Piper!!!

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