I have been asked this question more than once and am sure some folks are wondering the same thing after reading my last post. Some may say, “You went from spanking to preaching about hell-fire and damnation. What’s the deal, buddy?”

Our culture is hell-bent on entertainment. We want our eyes and ears to be busy with light living. We opt for cotton candy fantasy rather than the solid meat of reality. Our television shows are replete with plots dreamed up in the minds of folks who hope for the best, but forget that this life is short.

People waste their time and once they are at the end of their time here on earth (granted they are growing old and they are not taken in a tragic accident) they wonder what the trip was about.

Everyone must fess up to the fact that they are going to die. Surprise!?!?! You must think about what happens after this. This surely is not it…Thus, my desire to wake people up to the seriousness of eternity. Call me what you will, but at least give me a fair hearing. The one who says the hard things is probably the one who loves you the most. Fact of the matter is: eternity is serious. What does that mean? Is that just some platitude I’m using to sound majestic and stay superficial. Not really. Don’t piddle your life away for 80 years only to find that there is more, much more afterwards. You must prepare during this blink in time for the rest of your life. Tomorrow I will post a quote from Edwards that will shed some more light on why I am the way I am, and long for you to seriously consider your short existence here on earth. Hey. No one else will get in your face like this, and it helps to have anonymity when you’re reading.