This is an encouragement for you to write. That’s right. I want to encourage you to pick up pen and paper or keyboard and write (or type). Oftentimes I have wondered if my writing on this blog is helping anyone–does anyone read this? I have been challenged to keep writing although no one responds with an “Amen” after a post.

Why? I have found that writing has benefitted me as a person–Christian, husband, father. How? Writing makes me organize my cluttered thoughts and make a cogent, understandable explanation for what and why I do what I do in life.

The most fruitful times in my life have been when I write. I read a passage of Scripture and steep in it for a while. . . and write down my thoughts. It helps me commit to writing what God has laid on my heart. Can you imagine the difference it would have meant in Jonathan Edwards’ life had he not written down his Resolutions? He would not have remembered what God had laid upon his heart that day. Further, the Spirit’s work in his life would not have benefitted us.

You see, when God commanded his people with the commands from the mountain, he committed it to writing so that they could meditate and brew over what the implications for their lives meant in these ten words (Exo 34.1, 27. Further, the king of Israel was not only to meditate on God’s word day and night, but was to commit the words of God to writing (make his own copy; Deut 17.18). When we write on paper, it etches the truths of God’s work upon our hearts. We learn (Deut 6.9; 31.19).

The danger of blogging is that we begin to write merely for the benefit of others. Slow down. Don’t read into that statement. I most assuredly want to benefit my readers with my content.

What I am encouraging you to do is write regardless of whether it will benefit anyone else or not. The amount of sanctification that happens when people will not see what you write is incalculable. Write. Write. Write. Etch. Etch. Etch.