Yet more reflections:

8) Genealogies solidify the fact that people are important in the work of God. Rather than life being a mere transcendental chess match, the Bible tediously draws out the fact that God is involved in people’s lives. Can you imagine living your life and people forgetting about you the next day? The fact is that man has been endowed with the image of God and has been given the responsibility and joy of being God’s representatives on earth.

9) People are important to know because it will affect how you read all of the Scriptures. Imagine skipping over what’s called the Table of Nations in Gen 10. You would never have seen that each one of the children of Noah will be brought back at the Last Day when God gathers all peoples together. As seen in Isaiah 66.18-21, people from Put, Lud, Javan, etc will be brought back to the mountain of the Lord to worship before him (fulfilled in the Revelation to John). Each one of the sons has representatives at the throne of God because of God’s activity to unite all peoples under him! Of course, that would have been missed if tedious passages are relegated to scholars only.

10) Working through “boring” texts also builds the discipline of perseverance. Yes, it is tedious to read that so-and-so was the son of so-and-so and he had so-and-so and lived so many years. But going to work at 8 in the morning and staying until 5 in the evening and feeling like you didn’t accomplish a single thing is tedious too. Discipline in the Scriptures produce discipline in living. Life is full of mundane things…but it is when you press through the mundane that the glorious seem that much more spectacular.

My hope is that these ten reasons have been food for thought and encouragement to press through what seems to be merely nominal. The Scriptures will, in fact, make you wise – not only in their teaching, but in the discipline they require.