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Bible Reading Blueprint

Start your journey to reading and understanding the Bible in a proven, four-step pathway.


Stop Running in Circles

Too often people read without direction and keep going in circles and not really getting anywhere in their understanding of the Bible. Stop circling and follow a trusted guide.

Stop Giving Up

How many times have you started to read the Bible and then arrived at a strange location or concept and simply given up on your path to knowing and understanding the Bible. Stop stopping and move forward.

Understand the Big Picture

Most people's frustrations happen because they don't have a clear picture of how each step along the way serves the journey as a whole. 

Four Simple and Proven Steps

Many times we complicate the simple task of reading the Bible because we are aware of how much don't know. Oftentimes the solution is simple. In the Bible Reading Blueprint, we simplify the process so you can get on with your journey of transformation.

Ancient Faith Meets Modern Practice

The goal of reading the Bible is not simply comprehension, but it's a changed life. This four-step plan makes your pathway clear. Not only will you learn how to read the Bible, you will also learn how to practice what it teaches.


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